Wrath Attack is a band from Norway and their line up is
The Judge – vocals, guitar.
The Bottlecrusher – bas.
The Hammer – drums.
The Caravancrusher – guitar.

Talking about clichÈ… but it does not end there. This two track demo is titled ‘Bringing Out The THRASH’, on the cover we can see an amateurish drawing of a thrash can with a skull in it. On the band photo the gentlemen are posing with a big “fuck you” finger and the songs ‘Anthems Of Anger’ and the title track sound like Tormentor meets Darkthrone somewhere in 1984, and recorded at home in the garage. These two tracks will sound tasteful to die hard old school thrashers, but it isn’t the next big sensation, for this the sound and the playing skills are too messy.

Tormentor Erich (Lords of Metal)

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