Wrath Attack has a no bullshit attitude and it is demonstrated by what they have done already in their short history. The quartet was founded in late 2007 and by April 2008 the “Bringing Out The Thrash” demo was out. This demo was recorded at their second rehearsal. Wrath Attack surely knows what they want to accomplish, and in a short period of time.

As a Norwegian thrash band you would assume something from the darker genres may slip into their music. However this is pretty much straightforward thrash. Think of bands like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Megadeth, and Destruction.

There are a bunch of catchy thrash riffs that get you into their music. But it also seems like there is something missing in the arrangements. You kind of can hear that not much time was spent on these songs. It may be the lack of solos or how some riffs sound like they were just stuck together. I’m not saying that this demo is bad, but with more time they should be able to create songs with more prominence and complexity. The drums are pretty much straightforward, and the vocals are yelled with a grimace; it’s a very standard sound for thrash.

The 2 songs and about 7 minutes of music were recorded with the typical demo quality. You can hear the instruments fine, but would sound better if produced. Another track or two would have been nice too.

Wrath Attack is currently writing new songs and rehearsing. Only time will tell if they take a step forward or be forgotten in the ever-growing sea of metal bands.

Jeffrey D. Adkins (Metal Fanatix)

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