Norway has never been famous for its quality thrash metal. This demo by Wrath Attack won't change that. The pace of the music and the vocals are in fact a contradiction. Whereas the vocals are raw and old school, the songs lack real speed and aggression.

Second song "Bring Out The Thrash" is a good example. There are some catchy riffs but the performance is just too damn slow. Opener "Anthem Of Anger" is a bit better. The song balances between early Celtic Frost and some mid paced Bay Area riffs. At the end of the song there is a really fast part on drums but the riffs there are slow and dull.

The performance is not too well. As said, apart from the vocals, it simply lacks aggression. The production doesn't help either. Whereas Darkthrone were trendsetting when they started releasing unproduced albums which sounded like live basement recordings, this kind of sound just doesn't work with thrash metal.

In conclusion: this is pretty bad. There are hundreds of other new thrash metal bands active at the moment that are so much better.

The demo has been made available for free download on their website. Good luck.

Isaak (Archaic Magazine)

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