Two songs is not a foundation for a just rating, but a few comments along the way, Norwegian outfit Wrath Attack definitely deserve for the promo CD they’ve had the kindness to send me.

The young quartet’s style is raw, old-school thrash metal, and it is played with conviction. There is no doubt potential in the band, but turning on the amps and turning on the computer mikes does not fare well in this day and age.

I shit you not when I say that this sounds like some of the tapes I have from death-thrash bands from the end of the eighties – but in terms of spirit, energy and, sadly, sound quality.

As I said, this is old-school thrash, and what I probably would ask the band to do before shipping the promo off to the label was to write some material that stuck out from the mass of thrash clones we see nowadays. What you do has been done a zillion times before, guys. Also, I’d probably work a bit on the vocal arrangements – you’d profit from just a bit of variation.

Otherwise, keep up the good work, get a real production and work on the promo material. Looking forward to hear the next output!

Check out Wrath Attack’s website.

Thomas Nielsen (Power of Metal)

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