It’s fairly difficult to analyse a demo consisting of a mere two tracks, especially one that clocks in at just over seven minutes. WRATH ATTACK’s "Bringing Out The Thrash", while a solid two tracks, is just that–it’s only two tracks. The songs themselves are both average Thrash Metal tunes, and they both follow the absolute basics of the Thrash Metal blueprint pretty religiously. "Anthems Of Anger" is more slowly paced and plodding save a few moments of rabid ferocity. Drumming seems to follow a strict pattern, rarely escaping its comfort zone. At times the drummer increases the tempo or inserts a knee-jerk fill, but the level of consistency is rarely treaded upon.

So is the case with the guitar playing as well. The riffs are neat, I suppose, but they’re the same anti-Zeitgeist, simplistic Thrash riffs that you’ve heard a billion times over. Couple that with the fact that neither of the two songs contain any sort of guitar solo, and what you’re left with is the definition of average. "Bringing Out The Thrash" is the stronger song of the two, but even it feels far too safe to maintain any level of memorability after its brief runtime passes.

Seven minutes of run-of-the-mill Thrash doesn’t seem like something that would warrant its own release, but the guys in WRATH ATTACK felt it appropriate to package the two songs as a demo. There is promise in these songs, but they both feel like second-rate homages to better bands.

Kevin (The Metal Observer)

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