My fellow worker Tormentor Erich wasn’t too fond of Wrath Attack’s previous demo ’Bringing Out The Thrash’ and therefore I’m happy to have received the new demo for review purposes in stead of him. Since 2008 the line-up changed seriously. Wrath Attack is a two piece now, consisting of Jan (vocals, guitars, bass) and Martin (drums).

Apart from the personal changes nothing much has changed within the Wrath Attack ranks. The cover artwork is still amateurish and musically the band sounds (and I quote) “like Tormentor meets Darkthrone somewhere in 1984, and recorded at home in the garage”. The difference between me and my colleague Erich however, is that I dig this shit much more than he does!

‘Wasted’ has everything that the genuine old school thrash fanatics desire: fast pace guitars and traditional thrash vocals that make you wanna mosh. Wrath Attack has the spirit of what thrash metal was about in the Eighties. You can download this one for free at this location.

Koen (Lords of Metal)

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