I am a big thrash fan but the recent explosion of thrash bands has left me somewhat burnt out. Wrath Attack is definitely a thrash band yet play a rawer version of the genre than most bands around right now. It seems like most new bands draw influence from Municipal Waste, but this is much more stripped down and without the tongue in cheek attitude that goes with most new bands in the genre right now.

Unfortunately there are only two songs on this demo. The two songs are definitely solid, but I want to hear more! The band has an old school style that is somewhere in between Celtic Frost and vintage German thrash. There is a slight black metal feel to the vocals as well which matches the sinister feel of certain riffs perfectly. Performance wise the band is right on the money with only a few minor hiccups throughout. This reminds of the type of bands Necropolis would release during the first wave of retro-thrash being that it is much heavier and truer to the origins of the genre.

This is definitely a band to look out for and hopefully for their next release Wrath Attack will give us a few more songs. Forget about the tongue in cheek attitude and lyrics about beer and mutants, this is what thrash should be, fast and pissed off but with just the right amount of melody.

Mike Hochins (Unbound Zine)

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