Wrath Attack’s previous demo was reviewed on these pages a couple of years ago. Now, this Norwegian thrash duo is ready with a follow-up release Wasted. It consists of five tracks in what they labelled as ‘Norwegian Party Thrash’.

Wasted was recorded early 2010, and it is obviously a natural improvement from the Bringing Out The Thrash. Apart from adding another member to the band, Wrath Attack’ sound also improved, the vocals being more aggressive and more ‘traditional’ thrash, while the guitars got more vicious and fast-pace. When it comes to the drumming, it has also become more intense and tight. However, the cover artwork is still very amateurish and it is something the band seriously has to work on.

Wasted is what I would call a real moshing release, with a spirit of the 80s thrash metal combined with high party-factor. As stated on the front cover; ‘The consumption of alcohol has proven to increase the overall quality of this music’. In other words; esp. recommended for the fans of Tankard, Tormentor, Kreator, Exodus, Destruction and even a bit of Darkthrone.

Notice that this demo is ready for download at http://www.wrath-attack.net/music.aspx

bato (Metal Revolution)

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