Thrash metal from Norway?! I know what you think… Norway has never been famous for exactly this kind of metal, but times are changing as you know. I’m not that this new demo from Wrath Attack will change a whole deal on this fact, but let there be said immediately at the beginning, this is worth listening.

Bringing out the Thrash is this Norwegian quartet’s two tracker demo recorded sometime last year. Best part of this very short demo is the vocals, being very raw and old school. On the other hand both songs are kind of slow lacking some speed and aggression, but having in mind they are young, still there’s hope for them.
First and opening song “Anthems of Anger” is really good with some really fast parts on drums and slow yet cool riffs. In general I like catchy riffs that this band produces, esp. noticeable in a second self-titled song “Bringing out the Thrash”. On the other side when it comes to the production part I must say it is not satisfying. I know thrash metal doesn’t have to be modernized and too polished, but ‘basement-like live recording’ as this doesn’t really help promoting band in the best manner. In summary; there’re many active thrash bands that are better than Wrath Attack, yet I find this demo entertaining and kind of retro. These two tracks will satisfy only die hard & old school thrash fans like myself. Esp. recommended for fans of Kreator, Exodus, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Slayer etc.
The demo has been made available for free download on their website or

bato (Metal Revolution)

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