This is a raw as hell 2 track demo, which luckily, for you readers out there, is available free to download, from the bands website. Now before you all go off and crash the bands servers, I have to tell you, that for a band that are " Bringing Out The Thrash", this isn't half as potent as it should be. I'm sure some of it is down to the awful production, but Anthem of Anger does not live up to its name, and the title track is verging on a trading standards report. If you claim to be all about thrash, then you should be slaying everything in front of you. I do like the title track, as it has an absolutely brilliant, not to mention catchy, chorus, but it needs beefier production and another couple of notches of intensity to really do the job properly.
Definitely worth checking out as there's a good bit of retro action going on here, but I will be expecting something a little better the next time around.

Steve Green (Live4Metal)

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