Thrash metal has two sides. One is the music, the other is "the art of partying", as coined by everybodys new favourites MUNICIPAL WASTE. WRATH ATTACK of Norway scores on one, but unfortunately fail on the other.

The first demo "Bringing Out The Thrash" comes with a nice button and a brilliant bottleopener. The latter one could come in handy since you'll probably think better of the music when being drunk. But I won't be too negative about the two song demo, cause it isn't all bad.
WRATH ATTACK mixes the two most common types of thrash metal, technical and raw, or American and German if you like. But I'm sorry to say that neither of the genres are represented with very much style here. The riffs are ok, but not arranged too well, giving the impression that this task may have been taken kinda lightly. The technique is also far from enough, although the songs tend to be somewhat catchy after a number of rounds. All in all I have to say that WRATH ATTACK should take these songs back to the rehearsal room and work harder on them, and they could have a go at being regarded a good band sometime in the future.
But hey! keep that radical merchandise flowing!

Stian Fossum (Beat the Blizzard)

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